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Welcome to my world. 

I was born in country NSW and went to boarding school in Sydney.  I married a farmer at 18 and had 4 beautiful children quickly.  We farmed for 35 years, and I worked for 25 years in the environmental and agricultural sector at the local and national level.

Then in 2012 the Sh.. Hit the Fan.  I had a heart attack, totally out of the blue.  I was enjoying a beautiful holiday with my family and WHAM.  The panic that my family experienced and the interminable wait for 1.5 hrs for the ambulance seemed like an eternity.  I spent the next week in intensive care, while my family gathered around.  The impact on my family was huge. But I was one of the lucky ones – a Survivor.

I thought I was quite well before the attack, but I realised that suffering an auto-immune disease and chronic fatigue for 14 years prior had taken its toll, and my journey to ‘wellness’ with supplements, exercise and occasionally drugs in that time wasn’t as complete as I thought. 

After a short time off, I slowly went back to my previous life, as Chair of a State organisation and Deputy of the national organisation.  I thought that was the epitome of what I ‘should’ be doing and I felt important, however, I soon realised that it wasn’t working.  I was slowly building the same stress levels I experienced before but, more importantly, I wasn’t following my heart and didn’t feel any joy in what I was doing.

I resigned from my positions, took a few steps back and decided to follow my heart and investigate what I was passionate about (my childhood dream of being a doctor).  I had always been fascinated in natural health and the psychology of illness, or the connection between mind and body. 

So, in 2016 after exploring different modalities I discovered Kinesiology.  SHAZAM that was a big Aha moment.  That was going to answer my quest to connect the Physical, Emotional and Chemical imbalances in the body and its innate ability to heal itself given the right resources.  Trusting the body to know its own priority and why we suffer the illnesses and pain from an emotional level without giving it any labels. The Aussie version of Louise Hay!

I decided to invest in myself and spent thousands of $ and 3 years studying Kinesiology, Spinal Flow and complementary modalities so I was able to understand myself and help others who had been challenged with fatigue, auto-immune conditions, pain and identify related emotional issues. 

I was also thankfully introduced to the fabulous redox breakthrough that naturally enhances the body’s ability to heal itself, and helped me to emerge from the depths.  

I am now a 68-year-old who feels like a 40-year-old, and when I was 40 I felt like a 68-year-old!!

One of my clients who was struggling with Chronic fatigue and was struggling to walk with hip issues waltzed into my rooms , after going through a series of 10 sessions with me, and said “If it hadn’t been for you and these treatments, I don’t think I would be walking”.  It is this kind of feedback and moments from my clients that make my heart sing nowadays!

Following bushfires and Covid and lockdown, my business was smashed I invested in myself and sought help to write my book Shazam, a journey of discovering your Aha moments to take that quantum leap.  I now love nurturing my clients in so many ways, online programs, remote healing and mentoring as well as face to face sessions.

If I can get through this, I know I can help you get through it too!

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